Moving cranes safely

Cranes are indispensable wherever heavy loads need to be moved efficiently and precisely. They are powerful tools when it comes to moving materials on construction sites or handling cargo in ports. The prerequisite for ensuring smooth crane movements is safe operation of the different axes. The wide range of movements that have to be carried out by tower cranes and luffing jib cranes or gantry and overhead cranes require powerful drive technology and a reliable control system.


Demanding crane movements are our forte

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Solutions for operating cranes

From automating the overall function and special technology modules to typical drive systems in the undercarriage, hoisting gear and rotation as bottom or top slewing cranes or crane trolleys, KEB’s system solution focuses on the efficient and safe movement and operation of the various axes. This is implemented, among other things, in an easily configurable crane control system.

Axes connected to the electrical power supply use different charge states to exchange energy and – in conjunction with energy supply and recovery devices – supply consumers in the immediate vicinity. 

Motors and gears with positive connections and holding brakes round off the entire package and convert movement commands into motion.


Crane controls

Crane technology made simple: optimally set and adjust all movement axes without detailed control knowledge – the KEB crane library, which has been specifically developed for this task, achieves this with simple parametrization of the relevant physical variables. The control of mechanically coupled axes places particularly high demands on drive and control technology when torsional effects and ambient conditions such as the wind or varying loads have to be considered.

Energy recovery

Rather than burning energy, why not harness it? With energy supply and recovery systems from our product range, machine and plant manufacturers are already optimising new machines during the design phase or creating a second phase of use for existing systems in retrofit manufacturing.

Energy recovery technology

Functional safety

Electrical machines and systems are subject to increasingly stringent safety requirements. Simplify your safety concept with the KEB drive controller’s integrated safety functions. Speeds, positions and various other functions are monitored directly in the drive electronics. The KEB safety control integrates the requirements of safety technology into the functional control environment. Safe communication with the control level serves as a widely used and established FSoE (Safety over EtherCat) solution – alternatively, communication via ProfiSafe is also available. In addition to, or instead of, a safe field bus system, individual safety functions can also easily be switched on and off via digital inputs. With the certification of sensorless safety functions, in some cases speed-related functions can also be implemented without a sensor system.

More about functional safety

Remote maintenance

Machines and systems are used around the world. For optimum life-cycle management, quick and easy connectivity, especially in remote locations or on construction sites, ensures an optimal level of support. The C6 router is a simple solution for safely, quickly and easily accessing all systems. Flexible interfaces also make it possible to carry out retrofitting in existing machines with a wide variety of controller products.

Safety brakes

Safe holding in all positions. Accident prevention is a top priority and must be ensured using appropriate products and controls. KEB offers various solutions in this area which, in the event of imminent danger, bring the drive safely to a standstill via an emergency stop and reliably hold it in position when the motor is at a standstill or in the event of a power failure.

The technology behind safety brakes

Double rotor brakes

Higher braking torque with the same diameter: if the installation space provides for a specific diameter and a high braking torque for the safety brake, but the braking torque of a single brake is too low and the axis of a double brake is too long, a double rotor brake can be used. In line with the customer’s requirements, KEB designs suitable double rotor or even multi-surface brakes.

The technology behind double rotor brakes

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