If the standard version does not do what you need, we can develop a solution for you. Implementing customer-specific product solutions is one of KEB Automation’s core competencies thanks to decades of experience, in-depth expertise and a high level of in-house vertical integration. We work in partnership with you to develop high-quality, customised solutions in the area of spring-applied brakes, permanent magnet brakes and clutches, as well as electromagnetic clutches and brakes. By individually analysing your requirements and needs, we design the right product for your application. 



  • 90 % in-house production possibility at KEB
  • Magnetic flux simulation
  • Strength analysis
  • 3D rapid prototyping
  • 100 % torque testing possible
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Customised spring-applied brakes

Double rotor brakes, hybrid brakes (spring-applied brakes with permanent magnets), multi-coil technology, increased protection classes and lockable hand releases are some of the solutions that we have already implemented in the area of spring-applied brakes. Smaller modifications such as special coil voltages or plug connections can also be implemented easily thanks to the high level of vertical integration at KEB.


  • Multi-surface and double rotor brakes
  • Lockable hand release
  • Customised brake torque tolerances
  • Customised sizes/dimensions
  • Bistable solutions for saving energy

Customised permanent magnet brakes

In the area of permanent magnet brakes, solutions with an extended hub, felt ring, intermediate sizes with tailored torque and a plug and play design have been developed for customer applications. However, smaller adjustments, such as an adjusted bore hole pattern, are also adapted and produced at KEB.


  • Plug-and-play solutions 
  • Individual external dimensions and intermediate sizes
  • Adapted temperature range
  • Automated air gap adjustment
  • Redundant coil and bistable brake solutions

Customised electromagnetic brakes and clutches

In applications with electromagnetic brakes and clutches, ready-to-install solutions or interlocking armature parts have been developed and produced in collaboration with customers. Complex products, including for the automotive sector for enabling and disabling auxiliary systems and drives, have also been designed and are now in series production in accordance with the requirements of IATF 16949:2016.



  • Complete mounting units
  • Integrated bearing
  • Multipole solution for increased torque
  • Anti-remanence function
  • Narrow torque window