Robotics and Automation

Do you assemble, transport and process components or complete devices? Industrial robots and cobots have long been an established part of many production plants, either autonomously or in conjunction with humans. They enable work processes to achieve high levels of repeatability for simple or complex tasks. Other areas of life are also gradually being equipped with articulated robots or even humanoids too, for instance in agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, service and exploration.

The quality of movements in the area of robotics and automation also depends on the weight and properties of the integrated components. KEB provides customers with high-quality products to make the end products safe and reliable. Where simple, standard, fail-safe brakes are not enough, complex individual solutions can be developed, individually tailored to the customer’s concept.

  • High repeatability and positioning accuracy
  • State-of-the-art development procedures
  • Standard and individual solutions
  • Reliable throughout the entire service life



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In this area, the installation conditions for the individual components are just as individual and varied as the different types of robot. With industrial robots, the safety brake is usually positioned on the outside on the corresponding servo motor. On the other hand, in the case of collaborative robots and articulated robots, space is very limited as the fail-safe brake is often built into the articulated arms. KEB adjusts the brake according to the installation conditions so that the temperature range, holding torque and dimensions match the customer’s specifications and required service life.


Electric actuators are increasingly replacing pneumatic cylinders as operating elements in industrial applications and process automation. This leads to savings in the compressed air supply. In addition, the controls and operation are far simpler compared with conventional solutions. In the area of actuators, KEB offers individual, compact and rapid-response brake solutions which are tailored to the customer’s requirements, if the standard version is not enough.


Permanent magnet brakes

High holding torque in a small installation space: the ability to hold equipment precisely in place is extremely important and must therefore be achieved using the right products and controls. We offer compact permanent magnet brakes, which hold the drives and positions of devices in place in applications such as medical technology or robotics, even in the event of a power failure.

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Spring-applied brakes

Fail-safe throughout their service life: the advantage of our spring-applied brakes is that the brake remains closed after the wear limit has been reached following frequent emergency stops, and continues to reliably hold the position. And yet, the position can still be changed via the manual release lever.

All you need to know about spring-applied brake technology

Safety brakes

Safe holding in all positions. Accident prevention is a top priority and must be ensured using appropriate products and controls. KEB offers various solutions in this area which, in the event of imminent danger, bring the drive safely to a standstill via an emergency stop and reliably hold it in position when the motor is at a standstill or in the event of a power failure.

The technology behind safety brakes

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