Solutions for food processing machines

The complete drive system for your food processing machine out of one hand: KEB’s system solutions enable the use of devices from the entire product range – coordinated with each other and with a high degree of flexibility in the respective applications. For example, adaptable field bus and encoder interfaces ensure seamless integration into existing control systems and motor systems with or without encoder feedback. In addition, KEB products are optimised for working in harsh conditions – an important aspect in food processing where the effects of high pressure cleaning, dust and further contamination factors are ever-present. With special paint finishes on motors, IP65 dust and water protection for normal and brake motors, stainless steel output shafts or double seals on drive shafts, you are always on the safe side. 

Efficiency in food processing

Building on its extensive industry knowledge in the area of food processing machines, KEB has designed numerous drive and automation solutions in over 40 years.

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