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The complete drive system for your food processing machine out of one hand: KEB’s system solutions enable the use of devices from the entire product range – coordinated with each other and with a high degree of flexibility in the respective applications. For example, adaptable field bus and encoder interfaces ensure seamless integration into existing control systems and motor systems with or without encoder feedback. In addition, KEB products are optimised for working in harsh conditions – an important aspect in food processing where the effects of high pressure cleaning, dust and further contamination factors are ever-present. With special paint finishes on motors, IP65 dust and water protection for normal and brake motors, stainless steel output shafts or double seals on drive shafts, you are always on the safe side. 

Efficiency in food processing

Building on its extensive industry knowledge in the area of food processing machines, KEB has designed numerous drive and automation solutions in over 40 years.

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Functional safety in Pack & Food

With KEB, food processing and packaging machines can be operated in complete safety. This is true both in terms of safe movement release and where secure speed and position monitoring are concerned. Our widely differentiated package of solutions for closed-loop and sensorless safety in movement axes makes this possible. The Safe Door Lock Control also ensures that lids and covers on machines are reliably locked at all times. SDI – Safe Direction guarantees a safe direction of motion so that, for example, knives in food processing machines only move in one direction. In addition, Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) is available for transferring safety-related data. Savings can also be made in terms of wiring thanks to Profisafe, which increases efficiency, frees up space in the control cabinet and lowers costs.

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Save energy while reducing the installation workload at the same time. DC interconnection makes sure of this and more, while paving the way for exchanging energy with other frequency inverters. Only one AC power supply is required for the DC coupling. KEB’s drives are freely scalable and designed for universal use. This gives the user maximum efficiency and flexibility in the actual application. An added advantage is that eliminating braking resistors reduces heat build-up and ensures less space is needed in the control cabinet.

Take advantage of DC interconnection

Steel-it for motors

At KEB, servo and geared motors are available as an option with a steel-IT coating. This special epoxy coating provides particular protection against corrosion and represents real added value, especially when working in harsh environments. The steel-IT coating is resistant to salt, chemicals and high-pressure cleaners, and for users it is a reliable, readily-available alternative to stainless steel motors. The special coating meets USDA approval, which is relevant, among other things, for the food industry.

Protective coating

Harsh ambient conditions can attack the electronic components inside machines and systems, causing permanent damage. This is where the optional 3C3 protective coating (IEC/EN 60721-3-3 Class 3C2) comes into play on the printed circuit boards of our drive controllers. Adapted to the environmental demands, the coating provides protection and prevents defects and unwanted downtimes. Overall, the service life of inverters is extended – with positive impacts on the operating costs.

Sensorless control (SCL/ASCL)

ASCL (Asynchronous Sensorless Closed Loop) and SCL (Sensorless Closed Loop) are proven sensorless control methods developed by KEB Automation. They are advantageous in situations where high output speeds usually make it very difficult or even impossible to attach a sensor. Suitable for asynchronous, synchronous, reluctance, linear, spindle or torque motors, these methods ensure optimal and precise control and sensorless positioning – and are also inexpensive and easy to install. The underlying software contains coordinated virtual motor models.

Thanks to frictionally or positive connection the COMBINORM products are particularly suited for precise positioning and reliable holding.

Safe release function without residual torque and no maintenance throughout their entire service life complete the performance.

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