Wood Processing Machines

Wood processing machines are just as varied as the raw material itself. Whether we are talking about milling profiles and battens or cutting plates and boards, the different machine requirements demand a high level of flexibility in drive technology. This is exactly where KEB Automation steps in. From controls with numerous software features to the processing of any machine process data, and from drive inverters to motors with gears and brakes, KEB is your powerful partner when it comes to wood processing.

You can use our system solutions with complete confidence. Safety features such as a safely limited speed and direction of rotation, or safe standstill detection ensure optimum protection.

  • Automation with comprehensive safety technology.
  • Switching different motors on one inverter.
  • Electronic filters for the use of residual current protective switches.


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System Solutions

Material Processing

Stationary CNC machines

CNC machines are the “premium class” of machinery in the wood processing industry. Fast reaction times and high precision on the workpiece are just some of the many demands that KEB has tackled in the past.

Through-feed machines

Dynamic movement, just in time, without obstructing the workflow – while maintaining precision synchronously with the workpiece. With its dynamic drive solutions, KEB provides the perfect answer to these requirements.

Surface Treatment

Sawing, drilling and milling

Optimum cutting capacity requires high and, at the same time, constant speeds. Even with changing loads, it is important that speeds remain constant in a controlled manner. KEB's system solutions take care of this for you.

Grinding, polishing and varnishing

Some of the most important steps during the surface treatment of wood are grinding, polishing and varnishing. The finishing process is what gives an item of furniture its final look, for example, and is therefore the best advertisement for the final product. Meticulous work is particularly important here – along with drive technology, which makes it easily possible.

Solid Wood Processing

Panel-sizing technology

When it comes to the dimensionally accurate cutting of wood, panel-sizing saws are used in a wide variety of designs. The millimetre-precise cutting of wood panels demands a high degree of precision, and requires drives with special dynamics. KEB’s drive solutions are not only used to drive saws, they are also equipped with important safety features and contain well-established control programs. 

Saw mills

Wood shavings and dust create harsh and challenging environments for machines and components in saw mills. In these conditions in particular, driving motors without sensors is a great advantage. KEB does this with its specially developed ASCL or SCL technology. KEB’s asynchronous and geared motors also meet the demands of saw mills as real working machines. Available as helical, helical bevel, helical worm, flat or planetary gears, larger outputs can easily be achieved thanks to the gear solutions. 

Recycling wood leftovers

In many cases, wood that is not of a suitable quality or condition to be further processed into final products by no means remains unused. Instead, it is further processed as part of the recycling of wood leftovers, for example as a source of energy. The machines required for this purpose benefit from KEB’s high torque motors, among other things. These are high-frequency gearless motors that can operate at low speeds. An added advantage is that virtually all types of motors can be operated using KEB’s drive solutions.

Transport and Handling

Material handling/transport systems

The path from wood as the raw material to the finished workpiece passes through various processing steps along the way. For example, it is not uncommon for roller conveyors to assist in organising the onward transportation of the wood. KEB system solutions are used to position the conveyors without the use of sensors. Stations can have completely different demands such as a rotary cone which requires a dynamic drive to generate a sufficient acceleration phase in order to rotate the workpiece.

Panel storage systems

During the course of material procurement, panel storage systems are regularly used for example, for stacking wooden panels for further processing. KEB’s controlled drives, brakes and geared motors make sure that this step runs smoothly. In particular, motors from KEB’s TA series are provided for this purpose. These servo gear motors, which are mechanically-graded into five different sizes, are truly outstanding with their cutting-edge servo technology and wide range of rated voltages and speeds. 

Assembly aids

Furniture presses are a classic assembly aid in the wood processing industry. They perform various handling tasks from clamping workpieces together to holding them in place and opening them back up again. With the COMBIVERT G6 frequency inverter, KEB provides a drive solution that carries out these tasks by changing the parameter sets in the inverter. The G6 eliminates the need for an entire control system, thereby reducing the installation workload and costs for the user.


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