DC Supply - Plus and Minus


The structure of DC supply systems, or even the use of DC connection technology, simplifies the energy balancing of motion axes. This saves energy and, in operating conditions during which energy is generated, avoids the use of otherwise necessary braking resistors with thermal losses and fire hazards.  The installation workload is also minimised, and the costs of drive controllers can be reduced somewhat as there is no need for the typical input wiring with a rectifier/thyristor/protective circuit.

Where a DC supply is not possible or available, central power supply and regeneration units feed the energy into the system or feed it back into the supplying network, or main drives supply the auxiliary drives connected in the DC network.


DC-supplied drive systems in machines and plants use different load cycles to exchange energy and improve system efficiency. In the DC circuit, the energy generated in the regenerative share is absorbed, partially buffered and distributed to connected drive controllers via the intermediate circuit. This reduces the energy consumption of the entire machine/plant, decreases the peak load uptake and optimises the network load or transformer load as well as the entire connected load at the supply point.

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DC supply – succesfully in use in these areas of application


KEB offers innovative system solutions in the entire production and process chain – from the processing of the raw materials and fibres to the yarn in the spinning mill. Whether in the bale opener, in the cleaner, in the preparation for surface production during winding, twisting, warping and sizing or in the final weaving, knitting, crocheting or knitting: KEB products are in use from the yarn to the fabric.


Moving high loads while meeting the requirements for operational safety, torque behaviour, energy efficiency and grid friendliness of the systems – this and more is made possible by the powerful combinations of geared motors and drive electronics from KEB in the area of goods lifts.


KEB Elevator drives are built to handle the most difficult and demanding elevator and escalator applications. Integrated brake handling and proven motor control provide excellent ride quality. High overloads and protective features provide years of trouble-free operation.


Whether warehouse logistics or cranes, speed and flexibility are essential in material handling. KEB ensures a smooth flow of goods and materials in this area.