Pitch Drive Controller


The COMBIVERT P6 combines the functions of a pitch inverter, brake control and brake supply module, a charging device for the energy storage system and a fully-fledged PLC in just one device. This means that it is particularly easy for users to respond flexibly to various requirements without having to give away individual system expertise. 

During operation, the drive controllers adapt the angle of the rotor blades to the wind, optimising the power of the wind turbine. If a fault occurs in the wind turbine itself, the COMBIVERT P6 pitch inverters quickly turn the rotor blades out of the wind to protect the turbine from dangerous excess rotation speeds.

Completed with the right motor and safety brake for the pitch system, three COMBIVERT P6s take over the safety run mechanism, playing an active role in the wind turbine’s safety system. If a critical system condition arises, the pitch system, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland, triggers a safety run, achieving Performance Level d according to EN ISO 13849-1. 

In addition to a high level of integration, the pitch drive controllers can be flexibly connected to various turbine controls. Compact dimensions, a robust design and various performance classes make the COMBIVERT P6 a universal solution for onshore and offshore applications – even for the most powerful turbines.



  • Wide power range
  • Integrated PLC with monitoring
  • TÜV-verified functional safety  
  • Brake supply
  • Brake control
  • Charging device for the energy storage system


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Technical data

Power class 3-phase, 400 V AC
Power range 18 kW … 42 kW
Output nom. 45 A … 120 A, max. for 3 s 90 A … 350 A
Frequency 0 … 200 Hz
Brake power supply 24 V, High-voltage brake 50 V … 300 V
EMC filter Integrated, class C2
Fieldbus systems PROFIBUS, CANopen, Interbus, PROFINET Slave, Powerlink Controlled Node, EtherCAT Slave


Functional safety in pitch applications

If faults occur in the wind turbine or in the electrical network, safety always comes first. If safety-critical conditions or errors occur within the pitch system, the pitch inverters carry out a safety run independently of the controls. During this process, the rotor blades are turned out of the wind safely and quickly. In this way, the COMBIVERT P6 pitch inverter protects the turbine from dangerous excess rotation speeds. As TÜV Rheinland confirms: the safety run achieves performance level (PL) d in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

More about functional safety

Software packages

Your requirements, our solutions: KEB Automation provides you with exactly the software packages you need. The PLC integrated in the COMBIVERT P6 can be programmed individually. The control comes with a library designed for the basic tasks. Do you have additional needs? You can program these independently with the P6. Or you can supplement the P6 with the Extended Pitch Library: this contains predefined function blocks for typical tasks of a pitch system. This way, you only have to program the system-specific interfaces. The experts at KEB will also be happy to write you an individual programme for the pitch drive – entirely according to your specifications.


KEB offers suitable pitch motors for wind turbines in a wide power range. The highly dynamic, vibration-resistant servo motors are equipped with a robust encoder system and with the KEB fail-safe brake.

With protection class IP65 and special anti-corrosion coatings, the motors are suitable for use in adverse climatic conditions, offshore in particular. The Hot Climate Version (HCV) or Cold Climate Version (CCV) design variants guarantee reliable use. The special housing design enables operation without the need for additional forced ventilation.

Another advantage: pre-assembled motor and sensor cables with easy-to-use connector systems ensure maximum practicability.

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Drive controllers, motors and brakes from KEB are installed in the largest onshore and offshore turbines in the world. Space-saving pitch inverters such as the P6 reliably adjust rotor blades, are universally applicable and robust – quality Made in Germany. With numerous options for configuring and monitoring the system, KEB is the first address for pitch functionalities.


Whenever the characteristics of a single drive with integrated PLC function and braking system are required, the COMBIVERT P6 offers an alternative to classic single elements.

The high packing density and integration depth including EMC filter provides new possibilities for the design of electrical drive systems in the available power range. This also supports the suitability for all common motor technologies.


Installation P6 Pitch Inverter
(pdf, 10.11.2022, 8 MB)
Manual C5/6, H6, P6 Interface CAN
(pdf, 17.02.2020, 593 KB)
Programming manual P6 Firmware 2.5
(pdf, 29.11.2017, 5 MB)
Programming manual P6 Firmware 2.6
(pdf, 03.05.2018, 5 MB)
Programming manual P6 Firmware 2.7
(pdf, 22.02.2021, 6 MB)
Safety manual P6
(pdf, 02.05.2018, 3 MB)