The operation of high-frequency spindles, which drive various tools from small milling cutters to saw blades with diameters of 400 mm, or the pumping of large volumes of air is controlled by high-speed electric motors. In such cases, it is important to be able to ensure high torque over the entire speed range at all times.  
Technology ensuring optimum performance is required for the reliable control of high speeds. Whether we are talking about asynchronous, synchronous, synchronous reluctance or IPM motors, up to 120,000 rpm can be achieved with KEB Automation’s drive controllers. This is possible with and without sensors depending on the requirements of the respective application. So there is no longer anything in the way of using motors for high-speed applications.


  • KEB drives and filters for high-speed requirements 
  • Top performance for a wide range of motor designs 
  • Up to 120,000 revs, rotating field frequencies up to 2,000 Hz
  • SCL, ASCL and ASiCL control methods
  • Multi-encoder interface for all encoder variants


COMBIVERT F6 and S6 drive controllers have been used in countless applications for years – including high-speed applications. This means that there is a solution available for driving a milling spindle, as well as for driving turbo blowers or compressors. In this case, power ratings of up to 450 kW, motor currents of 800 A and, for precision machining, rotary field frequencies of up to 2,000 Hz are possible. The F6 and S6 are also flexibly adaptable thanks to a wide range of configurable sensorless safety options, encoder interfaces and efficient cooling concepts. 



The output filters of the COMBILINE Z2 series can be made up of both a motor choke and a sine-wave filter in connection with a capacitor assembly. This results in “high speed filters”, which protect the motor winding from voltage peaks and prevent the motor from overheating, reduce the EMC load and therefore increase the motor’s service life. The use of a special core material as well as the HF wires of windings developed especially for KEB guarantee a configuration with very low losses. The filters fit the COMBIVERT F6 and S6 drive controllers and are specially designed for use at higher output frequencies. In this combination, users can implement highly efficient solutions with a high degree of efficiency. 



High speeds controlled in a highly dynamic way are possible with KEB’s SCL, ASCL or ASiCL methods.  When it comes to the sensorless closed-loop drive of asynchronous motors, ASCL (Asynchronous Closed Loop) comes into play. This is supplemented by the ASiCL (Asynchronous Single Current Closed Loop) method, which enables stable sensorless operation at the lowest speeds, and also ensures the slip speed control of asynchronous machines. In this way, shaft performance is available from the lowest to the highest speed. To give a specific example, this benefits systems such as high-speed spindle motors for machining equipment without speed encoders. In addition, the Synchronous Closed Loop (SCL) method offers the possibility of precise, sensorless speed and torque control of synchronous or IPM high-speed motors.



KEB relies on simulation technology to be able to map high-speed applications already at an early stage – without any real motors. Thanks to HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop), on-site checks can be carried out before actual commissioning takes place, a parameter download can be generated, which can be used to check performance data such as torque and speed, and parametrisation errors, which could later lead to unstable operation of the machine or system, can be avoided. As the basic parameter setting is simulated in advance, users benefit from more cost-effective and faster commissioning. 


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