Warehouse logistics: Reliable transport

Ensuring a flow of materials that is as fast, error-free and efficient as possible is the ultimate goal of warehouse logistics. This requires automated storage and retrievalsystems, material handling technology or even driverless transport systems to reliably ensure that the different logistics processes, which are all coordinated with each other, do not come to a standstill. These machines and systems ensure optimal use of the warehouse at all times and smooth transportation of the various goods – in the incoming goods area, inside the warehouse itself and, of course, in outgoing goods.


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Warehouse logistics system solutions

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated via the central master controller or the embedded compact control in retrofit applications, KEB drives used in movement axes in undercarriages and hoist axes, as well as in various load-carrying devices such as lift forks, ensure maximum dynamics and long-lasting operation.

The drive electronics of the drive controller steer and regulate the efficiency-optimised motors and geared motors in an energy efficient way, if necessary with brakes and/or sensor systems, always optimally configured in the KEB DRIVE Selection Tool.

On the drive side, modularly integrated safety functions up to SIL 3 form the basis for innovative concepts and safe operation in a variety of environments.

Conveying technology

Suitably combined from the complete modular system, input stations with an individually optimised display on the HMI terminal, cutting-edge system controls on embedded or IPC platforms, decentralised I/Os, compact drive electronics in the complete performance range, everything controlled by serial commands, plus all variants of industrial geared motors – that’s KEB’s portfolio for conveying systems.

Designed for high efficiency, durability and an optimum level of service, synchronous and asynchronous systems ensure the right movement at all times in dynamic lifting stations or rotating, sorting and packing stations with the connecting transport routes. And exactly when it matters, integrated KEB brakes maintain the safe end position or activate the emergency stop. Electromagnetic compatibility, as well as compliance with the harmonics of the overall system, are prepared by KEB filter technology.

The central supply of system components, DC couplings of subsystems and the recovery of energy are further subsections of KEB’s system solutions.

High-lift trucks and driverless transport systems

Individual solutions, speed and safety are standard for industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and wheel hub drives. In areas in which people move about in particular, avoiding collisions between people and machines is of utmost importance. This is precisely where safety brakes come into play. Brakes, which are normally designed for stopping, are designed in such a way that emergency stops can be carried out in emergency situations without the brake then becoming inoperable.

For many industrial trucks in accordance with the Industrial Truck Association classification, VDI guideline 3586 or DIN 15140, KEB offers various solutions, regardless of whether you need something particularly flat or a high torque density with a small footprint. This means that forklifts, masted forklifts, electric pallet trucks or the most diverse driverless transport systems can be equipped with the appropriate safety solution. Saving energy by controlling the brakes or through the use of energy-saving brakes known as “bistable products” is also becoming increasingly interesting. The reason for this is the extended service life.


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Product portfolio for warehouse logistics

Control & Automation

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Drive technology

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Brakes & Clutches

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