What is NOA?

Machines and systems rethought: designed with open standards, created for independent hardware solutions – that is Next Open Automation: NOA. The core infrastructure NOA Core is built on a Linux and container-based architecture and can be used on embedded hardware, IPCs and panels from KEB or 3rd party devices. Using the App Manager you can administer NOA apps such as solutions for HMIs, machine learning (anomaly detection and predictive maintenance), monitoring and control systems. Also customised or 3rd party apps are possible. Higher-level services such as device management are provided by the cloud-based NOA Portal.

The Automation Platform

  • NOA is an open and flexible platform for automation and IIoT
  • Toolbox for customers to flexibly implement their requirements
  • Optional IIoT portal for an easy entry into the world of IIoT and Industry 4.0
  • Also available as a white label version for OEMs and end customers

One Platform, many Options


NOA is based on Linux and provides a container-based infrastructure. KEB or third-party hardware can be used. KEB provides a range of apps directly. HELIO for creating HMIs, for local monitoring or machine learning. In addition, the App Manager for administrating the applications and the Cloud Connector for the (optional) cloud connection.

All apps communicate via a shared message bus. The communication apps provide data from various sources, e.g. from the machine control system. The system can be expanded with apps: from KEB, the customer (Customer Apps) or from third-party manufacturers; the use of open source components is also possible.


NOA Portal opens further possibilities in the cloud: Maintain an overview of your entire machine fleet with Device Management. Manage machines, production lines and locations with asset management. Collect, monitor and link data across these assets to improve processes and uncover potential (monitoring). Use app management to efficiently provide software for your machines via over-the-air updates. Provide NOA apps or 3rd party or your own apps as containers.

You can utilise these benefits yourself and also pass them on to your customers. The NOA portal can be customised so that you can offer your customers added value and charge for it in your own business model – KEB NOA provides the platform for your ideas.

Configure NOA individually

The modular architecture of NOA allows you to use only the components of the platform that you really need for your use case. KEB offers a basic construction kit that can be expanded with customised and third-party apps: for you and for your customers. In addition, NOA is manufacturer-independent, so you can also install the system on third-party devices and choose freely – whether web HMI panel, HMI visualisation or an embedded controller.
This allows you to build modular, expandable systems: The data from the various components of a machine provide valuable information. For example, you can analyse vibration data from motors and gearboxes or data from frequency inverters with AI models. This provides information on process improvement, remaining service life or necessary maintenance. HELIO allows you to visualise data and control the machine via the C6 X1 Web HMI, while the C6 COMPACT 3 is used for control.

Get started in the IIoT with the optimum solution from KEB Automation.

More about NOA

Open and scalable solution: NOA lets you get more out of your data; it is the automation platform for machine and plant engineering with a future-proof architecture.

NOA at a glance

How to strengthen your own portfolio: Whether condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or as a white label solution – NOA is your basis for the Internet 4.0.

Use Cases


KEB Head of HMI and IIoT Development Uwe Huber


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