Material handling

The smooth flow of logistics processes is now more important than ever. That’s why many well-established companies have been relying on KEB’s know-how for many years. Whether we are talking about the automation of storage and retrieval systems, cranes, conveying systems or the mining industry, as an experienced partner, KEB covers the entire range of services in material handling. Electromechanical solutions such as motors and brakes, and innovative, high-performance drive controllers have been setting the pace for decades wherever goods need to be moved.

With its certified safety technology, high load capacity and the implementation of sensorless controls, KEB offers reliable comprehensive packages for use in a range of different areas. In addition, energy supply and recovery systems also ensure the effective use of excess energy. This facilitates installation, protects the environment, noticeably reduces energy costs and produces a valid energy consumption analysis. 

  •  Individually tailored products and solutions to meet your requirements
  • Storage and retrieval machines, cranes, conveyors, stage technology and mining equipment
  • Supply and recovery systems for greater energy efficiency
  • State-of-the-art safety technology

KEB Automation: Your partner for intralogistics

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Catalogue COMBIVERT R6 (en)
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Catalogue Brakes & Clutches (en)
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Catalogue COMBIVERT F6 (en)
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Catalogue System for Safety (en)
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Catalogue C6 Control and Automation (en)
V 2.3
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What we offer for your material handling requirements

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