The sealed COMBISTOP type 28 (up to IP67 protection class) is a closed current spring-applied brake, and is used in applications with tough ambient conditions around the world. The standard brake conforms to protection class IP66, with hand-release IP65.

The brake can be used as a service brake for dynamic applications, and as a holding brake with an emergency stop function for static applications. Thanks to its modular system, the COMBISTOP can be easily assembled according to individual requirements. Even project solutions for implementing specific requirements that go beyond the standard can be achieved thanks to our in-house development and production.

The sealed brake has a torque range of 2.5 Nm to 2,000 Nm.


  • 10 sizes
  • Ready to install, adjusted air gap
  • Used as a service brake or holding brake
  • Up to ISO class H in accordance with VDE 0580
  • CSA/CUS-certified
  • Protection class up to IP67
  • Designed for S1 operation or 100 % duty cycle
  • Up to seven million switching cycles as standard
  • Standard voltages 24 / 105 / 180 / 205V


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The COMBISTOP 28 can optionally be equipped with a hand release so that it can be opened manually.

The benefits of this are most obvious in de-energised situations when the application still needs to be moved. Even if a rotor is worn, the brake can be released with the hand release.

The COMBISTOP 28 can be equipped with a microswitch to monitor performance or wear and tear.

Using a COMBISTOP 28 with a microswitch makes particular sense for brake motors on hoisting gear and load lifting gear that are operated with frequency inverters.

The COMBISTOP 08 can optionally be equipped with a flange.

If the motor endshield lacks the appropriate properties, such as material quality or evenness, a flange provides an optimal counter-friction surface.

If the continuous shaft on the COMBISTOP 28 needs to be sealed against the external environment, it can be equipped with a shaft sealing ring.

Where there is no shaft, the COMBISTOP 28 can be sealed with a sealing plug.

The COMBISTOP 28 is available in a CCV design for use in particularly harsh and cold environments. Temperatures as low as -40 °C are therefore no problem for the brake.

If you wish to attach a rotary encoder, fan or sensor to the back of the brake, the COMBISTOP 28 can be produced with rear-side threaded holes in the required size and corresponding bore hole pattern.

If the braking torque needs to be modified for the application, the torque can be increased or reduced according to the customer’s specifications during the internal production process.

For applications with specific requirements in terms of installation depth, the housing and overall length of the brake can be reduced. Start-up is particularly easy because KEB adjusts the brake so it is ready for use.

If the application requires a modified voltage, a customised coil with the corresponding voltage can be realised in the internal production process.

If the assembly process of the brake has to be simplified, our products can be equipped with ready-to-connect cables with plugs, contacts or even wire end ferrules.

A factory certificate 2.1 according to DIN EN 10204 that the delivered products comply with the agreements at the time of order can be provided at the customer's request. This certificate is issued based on non-specific testing. Also, an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204 can be issued at the customer's request. In this case, the confirmation is given with the results of specific tests, such as the torque test.


SizeReduced torque [Nm]minRated torque M[Nm]Increased torque* [Nm]maxStandard power [W]Diameter [mm]max. Hub bore [mm]
11**44513352000180on requeston request

Standard voltage: 24 V, 105 V, 180 V, 205 V  |  Special voltage: on request
Braking torque tolerance ±25% after pairing conditioning of the friction partners
* Holding brake with emergency stop function
** Holding brake with emergency stop function


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In use in these areas of application

Cranes and hoists

“Safety first” is the motto for cranes and hoists. Added to this are ever faster cycle times for the movement of goods. KEB offers standard and customised solutions that reliably meet the special requirements. KEB can also implement redundant systems.


Precision, safety and repeatability are essential in medical technology. This requires solutions that are as reliably produced as the work in the healthcare industry demands. With know-how and established products, KEB has been meeting the high demands in medical technology for decades.

Wind energy

Certified pitch and yaw solutions ensure that the wind always comes from the right direction. To date, KEB has equipped over 40,000 wind turbines around the world with its solutions.


Individual solutions, speed and safety are standard for industrial trucks, automated guided vehicles and wheel hub drives. Products from KEB can be individually tailored to the vehicles in intralogistics. Thanks to the many years of experience of the employees, the optimum for the application is brought out together with the customer.


Whether warehouse logistics or cranes, speed and flexibility are essential in material handling. KEB ensures a smooth flow of goods and materials in this area.


Smooth operation, even over long periods of time, requires durable and robust components. These should nevertheless operate according to today's Industry 4.0 standards. Intelligent and robust products from KEB ensure operation in the demanding applications.

Manipulators for engine parts from RSH Automation for a well-known German manufacturer with geared motors and drive technology from KEB – that could be a short summary of this application.