Software Tools

for drive controllers

Solution-oriented engineering of machines and systems requires the right smart tools. 

Our consistent software products support you in various areas of the process chain, from planning and start-up to diagnostics and troubleshooting. They simplify operation and offer a high degree of flexibility when adapting your drives, saving you time and money. 

Connect to KEB drive controllers quickly and easily via PC or an app.


  • Configuration of all device parameters
  • Display of physical measurements and monitoring of operating data
  • Wizards: easy start-up and diagnosis with the help of intuitive graphical user interfaces
  • Configuration and analysis of real-time fieldbus communication
  • Document database and configurator for system composition
  • Scope: multi-channel digital oscilloscope for recording and displaying measured variables
  • Drive software centre for COMBIVERT S6/F6 drive controller firmware updates



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Central tool for the operation, start-up, diagnosis and management of current KEB products

  • Software for starting up and analysing KEB drive controllers
  • Direct access to software and device documentation
  • Wizards to support start-up and configuration




Command line interface for interacting with KEB devices 

  • Independent program for configuring KEB drives
  • Silent programming with defined commands/syntax
  • Log file creation for documenting production and service procedures


Icon COMBIVIS Mobile App

COMBIVIS mobile (App)

Convenient operation of KEB drive controllers via an app

  • Supports COMBIVERT S6/F6 drive controllers
  • Process monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Display and configuration of parameters
  • Data backup and restoration



Central tool for the operation, start-up, diagnosis and management of current KEB products

The COMBIVIS 6 PC software, which is free of charge and easy to operate, enables the start-up, management and analysis of KEB devices.

  • Configuration of all device parameters; display of physical measurements and monitoring of operating data
  • Wizards: easy start-up and diagnosis with the help of intuitive graphical user interfaces
  • Configuration and analysis of real-time fieldbus communication
  • Document database: direct access to all manuals and technical documentation for all components in KEB’s portfolio
  • Configurator: product database and wizard-guided component selection to help you put your system together using KEB components
  • Scope: multi-channel digital oscilloscope for recording and displaying measured variables
  • Parameter lists: user-defined set of parameters. Backup and restoration of settings.

Expansion package for COMBIVIS 6

Expansion packages are special additions that enable you to adapt the COMBIVIS 6 software even more specifically to your application if necessary. A package is integrated into the COMBIVIS 6 environment and is therefore linked with the core functionalities. Find the right package for your requirements below. 


The device naming function can be integrated into COMBIVIS 6 as a package. It enables the automated (re-)naming of several devices. One use case, for example, is the commissioning of a machine that has a PLC and several drive controllers. By using the package, the devices no longer have to be named individually in the COMBIVIS project.

  • Clear user interface
  • Configuration from drive parameter properties
  • COMBIVIS offers upstream and downstream naming of devices
  • Choice between standard and individual naming

The wizard for starting up a servo pump can be integrated into COMBIVIS 6 as a package in order to use the functions specifically and easily.

  • Assistant-guided start-up with COMBIVIS 6 for a servo pump in combination with a drive controller and motor

  • Fast and efficient operation – no expert knowledge required

  • Possibility to carry out start-up in a structured way

  • Visual support for servo pump application parameters

  • Optimal settings for speed and pressure controllers through an auto-tuning function

  • Determination of hydraulic resonance generated by the geared pump

  • Definition of parameter settings for the notch filter used for reducing vibrations which is integrated into the servo pump software

The T6 APD wizard facilitates the start-up of the modular drive controller. It is integrated into COMBIVIS 6 and enables easy and flexible configuration.

  • Menu-guided start-up assistant
  • Rapid solving of drive tasks including interface definition for the primary vehicle control system (EVCU).
  • GUI for the different applications available
  • Possibility to create a user-defined GUI for your own applications
  • Status display for the current device status and fault history
  • Easy access to all available documentation

Downloads for COMBIVIS 6

Manual COMBIVIS 6 (en)
(pdf, 24.09.2020, 15 MB)
Manual COMBIVIS Package - Device Naming
(pdf, 11.09.2023, 465 KB)
Package Device Naming
(package, 23.06.2023, 3 MB)
(zip, 19.04.2017, 186 KB)
Release Info COMBIVIS 6
(pdf, 11.04.2022, 971 KB)
Software Paras.xml
(zip, 10.01.2018, 684 KB)
Wizard Servo pump
(package, 10.01.2023, 5 MB)
T6 App - CANopen Slave
(pdf, 25.08.2020, 189 KB)
T6 App - Drive Mode
(pdf, 25.08.2020, 252 KB)
T6 App - Process Data Gateway
(pdf, 25.08.2020, 371 KB)
T6 App - Service
(pdf, 25.08.2020, 129 KB)
T6 App - Torque Speed Control
(pdf, 25.08.2020, 362 KB)


Command line interface

“COMBIVIS CLI” is a tool for interacting with KEB devices (e.g. drive controllers). It runs at command line level or in batch files. The tool offers users a range of features to establish targeted communication with drive controllers. For example, individual parameters can be read and written, and diagnostics or parameter list handling can be carried out independently of the existing control infrastructure via UDP or serial connection. The exact range of commands and the syntax for communicating with KEB drive controllers can be found in the accompanying manuals. Machine and plant manufacturers rate the ability to “silently programme” drive controllers in the background while normal PLC functionality continues as considerable added value in the production process.

Examples of the functions and commands

  • General parameters: logFile
  • Access to individual parameters: write/read
  • Handling of parameter lists: downloadDW5
  • Data transfer (KebFTP):

    — transferFormTarget
    — listFiles
    — deleteFile

Supported platforms

COMBIVIS CLI can be run on the following platforms with .Net Framework 4.7.2 (as a 32-bit or 64-bit version, respectively):

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Downloads for COMBIVIS CLI

Manual Command Line Interface COMBIVIS CLI
(pdf, 07.03.2022, 581 KB)
COMBIVIS Command Line Interpreter (CCLI)
(zip, 08.12.2023, 778 KB)

COMBIVIS mobile (App)

In addition to the COMBIVIS 6 PC tool, KEB drive controllers can also be easily and conveniently operated via the COMBIVIS mobile app, which enables wireless communication via a smartphone or tablet. 
Drive status information can be easily read on a user-friendly interface, meaning that it can be used for process monitoring and fault diagnosis. Parameters can also be displayed and configured, and data backed up and restored via the app.


  • The app supports COMBIVERT S6/F6 drive controllers
  • Easy connection via WLAN and Bluetooth (an appropriate Bluetooth adapter is required for a Bluetooth connection)
  • Diagnosis: clearly presented dashboard for monitoring the current drive status values, list of errors, I/O status, operation history
  • Viewing of parameter list/parameter values, writing of parameters, creation of a list of favourite parameters
  • Configuration and sending of parameter list backups, download of backups to the drive controller
  • Offline scope
  • Contact details of KEB’s worldwide service (phone numbers and email addresses)
  • COMBIVIS mobile can be downloaded free of charge from app stores
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