Extrusion technology

The core concept behind extrusion technology consists of continuous pressing of the liquefied plastic through a shaping opening in order to create the desired profile shape. High material output and very low downtimes are important keys to success in this process technology. Extruding the material with a power of up to 800 kW requires powerful drive controllers, which KEB has been offering for over 20 years in the field of plastics technology. Paired with a high-quality control system and a powerful motor, users acquire a comprehensive system solution for use in extruders. 

Getting plastic into shape

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Extruder solutions


KEB offers a comprehensive project framework for the complete automation of extruder systems. This makes it possible to operate both the extruder itself as well as any downstream equipment such as the melt pump. From newly developed extruder software – which is perfectly tuned to KEB’s control technology – via the drive controller, to the motors. KEB’s portfolio enables users to create a 360-degree system solution for machines. In doing so, the extruder solution can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the customer’s machinery in terms of both software and hardware.

Blow film units

From the main drive and fan to the hood and winder, KEB offers a system solution from one source for blown film units. With outstanding torque accuracy (+/- 3 percent) and high availability, KEB ensures that you get the most out of your machines. Technical features in the system solution enable effortless bridging of voltage dips and safe operation of the unit is ensured at all times with the Safety Modules. Suitable geared motors for downstream equipment  completes the range for blown film units. 

Blow-moulding machines

The manufacture of hollow parts through the use of blow-moulding machines is one of the most common processes in plastics processing. The multi-stage process that takes place in the machines requires solutions that take a holistic perspective of blow moulding. For example, KEB provides drive controllers for the main drive that operate at up to 900 kW and that, thanks to their compact dimensions, can fit into almost any control cabinet – and in addition they come with integrated safety technology. Thanks to the high-performance frequency inverter, it is possible to reduce the machines’ cycle times and increase efficiency. DC interconnection enables multi-axis configurations, thereby ensuring noticeable energy savings. 

Downstream equipment

A wide range of end products can be produced from plastic. This places special demands on downstream equipment at the end of the manufacturing process. With practical, book-size servo inverters, KEB provides a high-performance solution for downstream equipment. One of the advantages here is that the master-slave operation is already integrated into the servo inverters. The matching control system is based on prefabricated modules, guaranteeing quick and easy programming and commissioning. For each item of downstream equipment, you will also find the corresponding control hardware in KEB’s range.


Special extruder functions

  • Screw protection
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Emergency operation without fieldbus communication

Sensorless control (SCL/ASCL)

ASCL (Asynchronous Sensorless Closed Loop) and SCL (Sensorless Closed Loop) are proven sensorless control methods developed by KEB Automation. They are advantageous in situations where high output speeds usually make it very difficult or even impossible to attach a sensor. Suitable for asynchronous, synchronous, reluctance, linear, spindle or torque motors, these methods ensure optimal and precise control and sensorless positioning – and are also inexpensive and easy to install. The underlying software contains coordinated virtual motor models.

Cooling concepts

KEB’s drive controllers take over challenging drive tasks so that machines and systems can operate with utmost efficiency. Cutting-edge, technical solutions ensure that they “keep a cool head” at all times. With its air, liquid and oil cooling systems, KEB offers three different cooling technologies which make the drives highly scalable and allow them to be used easily in various applications. Not just the cooling options, but also the way they are fitted provide machine and system operators with a high level of flexibility. In addition to control cabinet installation, the cooling systems can also be implemented as a push-through version.

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KEB Products for extrusion tasks

Benjamin Mönnig from KEB discusses the requirements for drive solutions in plastics processing in an interview.
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