Holding and coupling with the lowest energy requirement

As a general rule, electromagnetic brakes and clutches require a constant power supply to operate them. However, when it comes to bistable products, continuous power is not necessary. The operating principle is based on the precise interaction of the coil, permanent magnets and spring forces. In this case, the spring force and magnetic force of the permanent magnets are dimensioned so that the specified torque of the products is safely transmitted without any current. Even in the event of a power failure, the last condition applied will still be ensured. All it takes to change the switching state is a short current pulse. A further pulse opens or closes the product again, accordingly.

Particularly in mobile applications with ever-increasing demands with regard to energy efficiency, good environmental balance and safety, such as in electric vehicles, these products are used directly or in auxiliary systems because energy is only required to change the switching state. As a result, it is possible to achieve longer life cycles or range maximisation.

  • Zero energy consumption except for the switching pulse
  • No random opening or closing, even in the event of a power failure
  • Maintenance-free plug and play units
  • IATF 16949 certification
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Cranes and hoists

“Safety first” is the motto for cranes and hoists. Added to this are ever faster cycle times for the movement of goods. KEB offers standard and customised solutions that reliably meet the special requirements. KEB can also implement redundant systems.


Smooth operation, even over long periods of time, requires durable and robust components. These should nevertheless operate according to today's Industry 4.0 standards. Intelligent and robust products from KEB ensure operation in the demanding applications.


Individual solutions, speed and safety are standard for industrial trucks, automated guided vehicles and wheel hub drives. Products from KEB can be individually tailored to the vehicles in intralogistics. Thanks to the many years of experience of the employees, the optimum for the application is brought out together with the customer.


Precision, safety and repeatability are essential in medical technology. This requires solutions that are as reliably produced as the work in the healthcare industry demands. With know-how and established products, KEB has been meeting the high demands in medical technology for decades.


In robotics, compactness, repeatability and positioning accuracy are important. Our products meet these criteria precisely and are characterised by their high quality and flexibility. Standard and customised solutions are used by robotics customers all over the world.


Whether warehouse logistics or cranes, speed and flexibility are essential in material handling. KEB ensures a smooth flow of goods and materials in this area.

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