Servomotors: Powerful when it gets tough

The motor for various environmental conditions

Demanding tasks that require high torque are the DL4 servo motor's main discipline. Particularly powerful and flexible in its connection to machine designs, the motor sets standards. Luca Banfi, Sales & Marketing Manager at KEB Automation's Italian partner company Brusatori, explains the special features of this "power package".

What sets the DL4 motors apart from other servo motors?

DL4 motors are designed to fulfill very high torque requirements. Compared with most of the motors on the market, they stand out for their compactness and for the high nominal torques they can reach. Furthermore, the customization of these motors makes it possible to adapt them to most machines and obtain truly excellent performances. The possibility of having different shaft designs and different types of feedback allows to adapt these motors to the customer needs.

In which areas is the motor used and are there certain challenges for which it fits the best?

Especially for use in very stressful applications our DL4 motors are very suitable. In many cases, the environmental conditions and the operating cycle of the machine put a strain on the mechanical structure, bearings and windings. DL4 motors are designed to fit applications in different fields, from the wind turbine to the metallurgical industry, from the plastics to the wood industry. For example, in woodworking, motors are subjected to constant high stress due to a combination of factors such as temperature and humidity combined with high torque requirements.

Which motor variants are available and what can users look forward to soon?

Starting from the mechanical variants available, the following solutions can be considered: mounting form B3 or B35 – smooth shaft, with key or splined. In some cases it is also possible to have the hollow shaft version. Speaking instead of the electrical part, different types of winding, of thermal sensor, and of position sensor are possible. Last but not least the possibility of having motors with natural ventilation or servo ventilation, the latter guaranteeing very high nominal and peak torque levels.

Can you tell us something about the development history of the DL4?

The development of the DL4 motors started about 20 years ago, when the market was looking for machines with ever higher performance. As first we started with the development of motors with good performances, after which the market made available components with increasingly better characteristics. From here also the evolution of the motor itself made an important step. Furthermore, the development of position sensors has made it possible to obtain ever better results in the control of the machines where these motors are applied.

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