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It's often the little things that matter in life: teeth, for example. If these teeth, in addition, are then a part of brakes, they prevent unauthorized access in person sensor locks and still give way when the pressure is too high – without the teeth breaking. Who benefits from this special KEB system? Among others, our customer Automatic Systems.

The Belgian company knows how to open and close access gates in personnel locks or, for example, barriers for multi-storey car parks. The company from near Brussels is one of the technology leaders for automatic access gates and parking barriers – and they use the KEB tooth brake COMBINORM for this.

Production-optimized with triple torque

"With this working current brake a high torque can be transmitted in the smallest space", says Koen De Taeye, KEB sales manager for Belgium. In detail, this means that three times the torque can be transmitted due to the gearing. In the event of vandalism or malpractice, the tooth brake blocks the gate with 100 Newton meters. In an emergency, however, the brake releases the gate in any case, with the gearing intact. "This is ensured by our special interlocking system", explains De Taeye.

“Together with Automatic Systems, Koen De Taeye and his team developed the optimum solution for the product. Indeed, the preset brake meets all our initial requirements and even overpass some qualification tests criteria”, says Sebastien Dassy, Technical Product Manager at Automatic Systems. “In addition, it allows to save valuable assembly time and it is supplied with a tailor-made packaging, adapted to the production process at Automatic Systems.” To prepare the brake for the different applications, it was also subjected to a 200-hour salt spray test for harsh environmental conditions.

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