A second life for plastic bottles

Diamat Maschinenbau relies on the KEB system solution

In 2021 alone, Germany generated over five million tonnes of plastic waste. Companies like Diamat Maschinenbau are needed to ensure that these tonnes are reused sensibly and contribute to greater sustainability. As experts in plastic recycling machines, Diamat makes it possible to give PET bottles, among other things, a second life. Diamat uses drive components from KEB, which also reduce costs.

A wide range of services, a good price-performance ratio and fast delivery times – for Tobias Feeß from Diamat Maschinenbau, there are several good reasons to rely on drive components from KEB Automation. Diamat Maschinenbau operates in the field of plastics machinery (especially flat film lines) and specialises in the recycling of plastics. This is quite a challenge, as flat film lines require a particularly high degree of automation, reliability and user-friendliness.

In daily operation, the fully automated flat film lines from Diamat, for example, ensure the production of highly transparent and durable films made entirely from recycled plastic – and the lines are designed for 24/7 operation. The COMBIVERT F6 and S6 drive controllers from KEB provide the ideal drive for the systems. The frequency inverters cover the power range required for plastics machines from 0.37 kW to 400 kW. “KEB is one of the few manufacturers that can fulfil this very broad power range that we require,” says Feeß. The drives have numerous features that benefit Diamat's plastics machines. These include blockage detection and precise torque display. This protects against unwanted machine downtimes and thus saves costs.

High overload capacity for optimum dynamics

The F6 Drive Controllers combine the frequency inverter and servo drive in one device and are available in both air-cooled and water-cooled versions. “Liquid cooling is particularly efficient and increases the service life of the frequency inverter. It also makes it possible to dispense with cost-intensive proportional valves and install two-way valves instead,” says Tim Aufderheide, Team Leader Application Sales at KEB Automation. “The special aspect of Diamat is that the air-cooled versions of our drives are also required in addition to the liquid-cooled version.” The company also uses the compact and flexible S6 servo drives in book format, which impress with their high overload capacity for optimum dynamics.

About Diamat Maschinenbau

Diamat Maschinenbau is a medium-sized company in the field of special machine construction based in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The family-run company has specialised in the field of plastics machinery and tools for many years, now with a particular focus on plastics recycling.

Both F6 and S6 are DC-coupled, which simplifies the energy equalisation of motion axes. The result: energy is saved and, in regenerative operating states, the braking resistors that would otherwise be necessary with thermal losses and the risk of fire can be avoided. “DC coupling minimises the installation effort and the costs of the drive controllers can be partially reduced by eliminating the typical input circuit,” says Aufderheide.

“The smooth interaction of different components was particularly important to us. It helps that KEB, as a system provider, supplies harmonised products from a single source. This is why synchronous, asynchronous and geared motors from KEB are also used in our machines,” says Feeß. “For us, the cooperation with KEB is very good - with customised solutions, reliable service and high quality,” he adds.

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