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Drive controller, motor and more: drive technology in action

Whether servo, synchronous reluctance or three-phase asynchronous motor: the COMBIVERT F6 drives them all. An advantage that the Austrian-based company "Rubble Master" is now making use of for the first time in its latest series. The world market leader for mobile crushers and screeers uses a combination of F6 frequency converter and three-phase asynchronous motor in the new "120GO!" hybrid crushers.

High requirement, compact solution

The requirements at Rubble Master were clear: the units must be robust and small, but at the same time powerful and highly efficient. "With the new product, we are setting standards in the electrification of our industry," explains Markus Gaggl, Chief Technology Officer at Rubble Master, "and KEB is the right partner for this." In the crushers - with 15 to 40 tonnes real heavyweights in their industry - the experts from Upper Austria rely on the F6 in size seven with an output of up to 200 kilowatts. In total, the power range of the F6 extends from 2.2 to 450 kW.

In combination with the three-phase asynchronous motors, the result is the perfect combination for Rubble Master. "By working with KEB, our customers benefit from lower service costs, for example, as an electric drive is significantly more efficient and less susceptible than hydraulic offerings from competitors," says Gaggl. Markus Weißensteiner, Managing Director of KEB Automation Austria, adds: "The team around Markus Gaggl and Jeffrey Ton is a prime example for us of how our product can ideally play to its strengths."

Find out what challenges Rubble Master posed to KEB and how the team around Andrea Bovo (Technical Manager, KEB) and Robert Kwich (Sales, KEB) mastered the implementation in the video:

Plastic or woodworking machines, encoderless or with encoder

Rubble Master is only one example of the use of our products. Here you will find further examples, for example for plastics machines, for woodworking or for intralogistics, whether encoderless safe or with encoder. In addition, our product managers will introduce you to your possibilities with the COMBIVERT F6/S6 Drive Controller or Servo Controller.

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