Commissioning time reduced by up to 90 percent

Digital twin in the TwinStore from ISG

Where is a digital twin actually used? And what role does ISG's TwinStore play in this? Dr. Christian Scheifele, Managing Director of ISG Steuerungstechnik, explains the potentials of a solution that significantly simplifies the commissioning of machines and plants for (prospective) users of KEB components - and thus saves time and costs.  
KEB Automation and ISG, a provider of digital software solutions for engineering, have been working together for some time. Among other things, the cooperation has proven itself with the ISG Kernel as a software solution for CNC. Now KEB and ISG are going one step further and are also working together on the digital twin. With ISG-virtuos, ISG provides a simulation technology that enables virtual commissioning with the help of a digital twin.  

Building on this, the so-called TwinStore is an online store or exchange platform on which component manufacturers - such as KEB Automation - store their digital twins and offer them to machine and plant manufacturers for virtual commissioning. This eliminates high modelling times for the user when it comes to setting up a digital twin. The prefabricated models of individual components, which KEB makes available for download in the TwinStore, can be easily integrated by the customer in ISG-virtuos and then pulled into the individual model. In a short time, the plant and machine builder can now create a digital twin for his application, which consists of KEB components.  

Users benefit from this procedure in several ways: Since the complete control software can be tested in advance on the digital twin of the machine or plant with ISG-virtuos, the real commissioning can be optimally prepared and possible errors are detected and eliminated in advance. In this way, it is possible to reduce the time required for commissioning by up to 90 percent, to work in a particularly resource-friendly way and to minimise risks as far as possible, especially in complex projects.

The digital twin in the TwinStore: Your advantages explained briefly and compactly [Language: GER]

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