Communicate with drive controllers via app and Bluetooth adapter

Small digital application for convenient data access

Drive controllers perform complex tasks in machines and systems. The range of functions is constantly growing and requires user-friendly interfaces to be able to manage them. In addition to the COMBIVIS 6 PC tool, KEB drive controllers can be easily and conveniently operated via the COMBIVIS mobile app. The app from KEB enables wireless communication via a smartphone or tablet. In addition to the connection via WLAN, networking via Bluetooth is also possible. A corresponding Bluetooth adapter from KEB is available.  

Status information of the drive can be read out easily via a user-friendly interface in order to use it for process monitoring and fault diagnosis. Displaying and setting parameters as well as saving and restoring data is also done via app. For quick support from the worldwide KEB service, the contact details of the local contact person can be found via a menu item. COMBIVIS mobile is available for free download for iOS and Android.

Functions and Features of COMBIVIS mobile

  • The app supports KEB drive controller COMBIVERT S6 and COMBIVERT F6.
  • Easy connection via WLAN and Bluetooth (for a Bluetooth connection a corresponding Bluetooth adapter is required)
  • Diagnosis: Clear dashboard for monitoring current status values of the drive, list of occurred errors, status of I/Os, operating history
  • View of the parameter list/parameter values, writing of parameters, creation of a parameter favourite list
  • Creating and sending backups of the parameter list, downloading backups to the drive controller
  • Offline Scope
  • Contact details for worldwide KEB service (telephone and e-mail)

Communication via Bluetooth adapter

The Bluetooth adapter is used to connect KEB drive controllers or operators with DIN 66019 interface via Bluetooth connection using the COMBIVIS mobile app (supports COMBIVERT S6 and COMBIVERT F6) or the KEB Elevator app (supports COMBIVERT F5 with Lift Operator). This is not a commercially available Bluetooth adapter. It can only be used for communication with KEB devices with the above mentioned interface. For the user, it is visible in the corresponding KEB apps and can be paired with them.

The KEB Bluetooth adapter is an adapter for the transmission of serial data via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection with a range of max. 100 m. Due to the easy installation and the high range, the adapter is particularly suitable for industrial applications.


Notes on the Bluetooth adapter

The following points can be found in the instructions for the Bluetooth adapter under chapter 5 “Certification”:

  • Declaration of Conformity to the RED Directive
  • Grant of Equipment Authorization FCC

The instructions for the Bluetooth adapter can be found on the product website under “Documents” or by entering the term “Bluetooth-Adapter” in the search field on

What does it all look like in practice? More on this in the video:

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