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GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG manufactures industrial and construction site elevators - Made in Germany. The new GEDA BL 2000 personnel and goods lift is designed to carry a maximum of two tonnes, and the cage offers sufficient space to transport EURO pallets or groups of workers up to heights of up to 250 metres. 

The essential feature of the drive system is that it achieves all this with optimum speed and high travelling comfort, completely independently of load. The new KEB COMBIVERT F6-A ("Application" version) is designed as a universal drive controller for all types of motors, and operates the parallel three-phase drive with precise motor and positional control also via load-dependent speed control. The operator selects the destination using the convenient display screen of the KEB HMI touch panel.

The core of the GEDA BL 2000 is the rectangular S-mast on which the complete electrical installation is mounted. Drive is provided by two motors and the KEB COMBIVERT F6-A drive controller. The device is installed in a particularly compact push-fit version (IP54), is controlled via Profinet and equipped as standard with the safety functions STO (safe torque off) and SBC (safe brake control).

The multi-sensor interface in F6-A allows simple testing of various sensor types so that an optimum can be selected. Without any adaptation to hardware, connection in the drive controller is reduced to switching a parameter in the software.

An optimised application means always fully exploiting the power of the drives, either by higher load capacity or by higher speed. This is where the load-dependent speed control of F6-A comes in. The effects are soon evident and profitable, in particular on construction sites with a high number of working levels.

The new range also reduces set-up work on site to a minimum. Each working level is set by direct manual approach and memorising of the stop position via the control terminal. The display on the KEB HMI shows not only the positional information but also parameters important for the user, such as load or working level. This simplifies personnel training and supports service work when required.

For further details on the COMBIVERT F6, the KEB HMI and KEB connect.

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