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Turboblowers from Neuros run with drives from KEB Automation

Among other places, they are indispensable in sewage treatment plants: Turboblowers. The South Korean company Neuros specialises in the production of turbomachinery and uses drives from KEB Automation in their high-performance applications. This calls for drive controllers that are specially designed to work under particularly challenging conditions.

The turboblowers from Neuros have to deliver top performance and keep cool even at high speeds. With the new COMBIVERT F6 High Speed Drives from KEB Automation, this is exactly what is possible: The drives keep the heat development of the high-speed motor under control and, thanks to the encoderless control, prove to be practical and economical, especially under harsh environmental conditions. Users like Neuros have the choice between different variants of the High Speed Drives. The drive controller, for example, is available as an air-cooled or liquid-cooled version, as well as a built-in or push-through version.

How Neuros and KEB implement high speed together? Find out in the video!

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