Higher productivity with liquid-cooled DL4 motors

Brusatori servomotors enable higher torques

What are the advantages of using liquid-cooled motors? The answer to this question is, among other things, the ability of water-cooled electric motors to conduct heat better than air-cooled variants. This enables a higher torque and more dynamic processes to be realised without overheating the motor. With this in mind, Brusatori Electric Motors, as part of the KEB Group, is now introducing a liquid-cooled version for the BR9 size of the DL4 high torque servo motors.

“Our new liquid-cooled DL4 motors have all the features needed to reduce cycle times and increase overall machine productivity. When using water cooling, the requirements for small size, high dynamics and high torque can be optimally met,” says Luca Banfi, Sales Manager at Brusatori. The introduction of the new BR9 motors makes the system significantly more economical and creates an ideal addition to Brusatori's existing motor portfolio.

Generally, water is used in liquid-cooled motors. And this is for a good reason: after all, water has the best heat transfer coefficient. The water is circulated through the motor and repeatedly cooled by an external cooling unit. This means that the motor does not overheat and can deliver a higher torque at the optimum temperature than an air-cooled motor. As a general rule, the more current is supplied to the motor, the hotter it gets and the more intensively it needs to be cooled in order not to impair its performance.

Motor without power loss

The new DL4 motors reach a speed up to 2600 rpm and a stall torque up to 770 Nm. If the motors are water-cooled, then water cooling is also an option for the F6 drives. The electronics can be cooled with the same cooling system as the motors, so that in this case the cooling unit is doubled. If the use of water-cooled electric motors enables a reduction in size, the servo drives also become smaller, as does the installation area of the control cabinets. “Another advantage of water-cooled motors is that they are not dependent on the environmental temperature and there is no loss of performance,” says Banfi. “And last but not least, we achieve a significantly lower noise level compared to air-cooled motors.”

About the DL4 high torque servo motors from Brusatori

The DL4 motors are designed for very high torque requirements. They are characterised by their compactness and high rated torques. They are powerful and can be adapted to most machines. The possibility of using different shaft designs and different types of feedback allows these motors to be customised to the customer's individual requirements. The DL4 motors are particularly suitable for use in heavy-duty applications: from wind turbines to the metal or food industry, from the plastics industry to the wood industry.

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