New HMI management system HELIO presented

Joint solution from KEB Automation and HMI Project simplifies creation of web-based applications

KEB Automation and the design and software specialist HMI Project are developing an innovative solution for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for industrial applications. “HELIO” is an HMI management system for the platform-independent visualisation of machines and systems. It enables the simple and fast creation of web-based HMI or SCADA applications without programming knowledge. The display is flexible and can be used on different target devices.

“Until now, HMIs were usually created for a specific panel with a defined format, size and resolution. This made it difficult to switch to a different end device, a mobile display or a different platform,” explains Uwe Huber, Head of HMI & IIoT at KEB Automation. HELIO, on the other hand, relies on modern web technology. Specifically, the development environment and the HMI are executed via the browser and are thus independent of the target device. The local installation of a development environment is no longer necessary. “With HELIO, intuitive HMIs are created quickly and easily. Thanks to web technology, the HMIs are responsive and independent of platforms and end devices. Users benefit from maximum design freedom,” says Curt Bauer, Managing Director Sales at KEB Automation.

About HMI Project

The Würzburg-based design and software specialist HMI Project celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The 17-member team around the founders Markus Buberl, Philipp Kruse and Christian Rudolph is particularly at home in the field of automation and mechanical engineering and has won several well-known industry awards.


HELIO stands for the future of the HMI. For users, this means: configuring instead of programming. The new HMI management system provides targeted support in the creation of HMIs by means of detailed project templates. Guided by a design framework provided by HELIO, the developer defines the essential structure for setting up the visualisation. Professional interface design and a high degree of responsiveness are ensured. The visualisation is created automatically. The developer receives the result in real time - with live data from the control system.

Markus Buberl, Managing Director of HMI Project: “HELIO templates already include professional interface design out-of-the-box and not only make the result easy to use - HELIO itself is also quick and easy to learn and thus helps to significantly reduce development costs.”

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