New size for three-phase asynchronous motors

Introduction of the DM160 motors from KEB

Transport, packaging, moulding – just three of the areas of application that are perfect for the new DM160 motor from KEB Automation. In addition to the plastics industry, intralogistics and food technology, the three-phase asynchronous motors ensure efficiency as low-voltage motors and are also ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions thanks to their robust design. With the new series, KEB Antriebstechnik in Schneeberg is focussing on in-house production of the three-phase asynchronous motors in order to be able to meet customer-specific requirements even better.

“The biggest advantage for our customers is the significantly increased flexibility for customised designs that are not standard applications,” explains Daniel Lehmann, Product Manager Motors at KEB. The motors are optimised for operation with KEB Drives COMBIVERT F6 and S6, have different acceptances and voltages, are optionally available with IP65 dust and water protection and can be individually configured - in short: the three-phase asynchronous motors from KEB are state of the art. It is also fitting that the DM160 will be added to the motor range in the future. The motors with a shaft height of 160 in accordance with IEC have an output of 11 to 15 kW in mains operation. The inverter operating modes can also be extended, for example to include 100 and 120 Hz operation. This significantly increases the available power of this motor size to up to 36 kW.

Significantly higher output

"The new motors fulfil energy efficiency class IE3 and therefore correspond to the premium efficiency level,” says Daniel Lehmann about the three-phase asynchronous motors. “The changeover to the new motor models is based on a modular system. This means that all options such as brakes, encoders or fans will be adopted.” Specifically, internal fans, forced cooling fans, metal and flywheel mass fans as well as the non-ventilated option are available. Customers can choose between incremental and absolute encoders, and high-quality solutions from KEB are also available for the brakes in the form of the COMBISTOP spring-applied brake and the COMBINORM B electromagnetic brake as suitable motor add-ons. The electrically active parts of the motor were supplied with the previously available DA160 model. This is now changing due to the switch to in-house production for the DM160 variant, creating greater flexibility in the operation of plant and machine manufacturers.

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