Powerbox Eco – how to make your brake energy and cost saving

Realize up to 94 percent savings potential with little effort

Electromagnetic brakes with holding function are energized most of the time during operation, i.e. they are open. In KEB's portfolio, this applies for example to the permanent magnet brakes COMBIPERM as well as the spring-applied brakes  COMBISTOP. These are in each case fail-safe brakes. These types always brake when no voltage is applied, whereby they are well suited for safety applications – keyword: power failure. In applications where the brake is supplied with current for a long time, it heats up relatively strongly. This requires a correspondingly high amount of energy

This is precisely where the Powerbox Eco – a control module for brakes – offers the possibility of significantly reducing both energy consumption and heat generation. Areas of application for the Powerbox are, for example, driverless transport systems. The energy savings increase the range of the vehicle. Powerboxes are also used in medical technology to reduce the heat generated by the brakes in patient beds.

What this means practically

In the following webcast, Helmut Willer (Clutches & Brakes Development) explains how the Powerbox Eco can greatly reduce power consumption and heat generation (by up to 94 percent).


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