Simulation models from KEB available in TwinStore

Making commissioning more efficient

KEB Automation, system provider of drive and automation technology, now offers simulation models for the virtual commissioning of frequency inverters. Plant and machinery manufacturers can download these directly via the TwinStore. The models can reduce the time required for commissioning by up to 90 percent. 

Faults, such as programming errors in the control code, can always occur during commissioning. To prevent this in advance, KEB Automation offers detailed firmware simulation models of its own inverters for download in the TwinStore. In this way, any programming errors are already detected during virtual commissioning and can be corrected at an early stage.  

Tobias Wenneker, Product Manager Drives at KEB: “With the simulation models of the COMBIVERT F6 and S6 drive controllers, our customers can prepare the real commissioning in the best possible way. There is no longer any need to set up complex test systems in advance. Thus, digital simulations can save time, costs and, of course, space.”

The TwinStore is an online store and exchange platform where component manufacturers such as KEB store their simulation models. By downloading the pre-built models of individual KEB components, users no longer have to do their own modelling work. “The simulation models we provide in the TwinStore can easily be imported into the ISG-virtuos simulation software and integrated into the customer's machine model,” says Manuel Brose, development engineer at KEB Automation. “In this way, machinery and plant manufacturers expand their digital twins with simulation models of KEB components in a very short time.” 

The firmware simulation models of KEB's drive controllers are mapped as time-based simulation models and include, for example, the detailed behaviour of the internal ramp generators. For example, during virtual commissioning, simulation models of drive components as well as machine and system parts are integrated on a real-time capable simulation platform, e.g. a hardware-in-the-loop simulator. Users of ISG-virtuos can easily log into the TwinStore and select different models of KEB drive controllers. Once the appropriate inverter firmware has been found, it can be requested with just a few clicks. For the start, 13 KEB models are available in the TwinStore and the corresponding documentation is also accessible there. The range of models in the store will be continuously expanded with regard to the firmware version and the scope of functions.

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