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Service partners from Brazil and Indonesia report on their practical experience

KEB Service is available to customers in many parts of the world thanks to its partner network. At over 25 locations, KEB partners fulfil a wide variety of service requests – whether in Austria or on the “other side of the world” in Australia. The KEB service partners from Brazil and Indonesia provide insights into the (sometimes unusual) enquiries that are processed here.

Repairs, commissioning, troubleshooting, the implementation of retrofit solutions and much more. The responsibilities of the Service department at KEB are wide-ranging - and it is not uncommon for customers to approach KEB with urgent requests. Since KEB frequency inverters, for example, provide the right drive in machines and systems around the globe, local contacts who can provide quick and uncomplicated support when needed are of particular importance.

“We are proud that we have been able to build up a reliable network of over 25 service partners over the years,” says Christian Olschewski, Head of Global Service at KEB. “Through active dialogue with our service colleagues at our headquarters in Barntrup and through regular training, we ensure that our customers' orders are completed with a high level of expertise and quality.”

In addition to the subsidiaries and country representatives, KEB's partner network also includes sales and service partners. Some partners concentrate on sales and consulting services, while others specialise in service and support offerings, such as carrying out repairs. In addition, some partners cover the entire product portfolio with their services, while others focus on brakes and clutches or inverter technology, for example. The result is a comprehensive service infrastructure that enables close support and short-term solutions.

Brazil: Customer relationships become friendships

“The partnership between Ennova and KEB is an expression of a solid collaboration based on mutual trust and common goals,” says Douglas Beraldo, Commercial Director at Ennova. The company is a partner of KEB in Brazil and is based in Sao Paulo. Ennova is responsible for the service business in the largest South American country and also sells new products and retrofit solutions. Day-to-day business here includes repair orders for drive controllers, but of course also supporting customers in many other areas. Through personal visits, video and telephone calls or post-sales activities, Ennova is at the customer's side and thus strengthens KEB's local presence in Brazil. This can have positive side effects, as Beraldo knows: “We remember how, interestingly, many customer relationships have turned into friendships.”

Indonesia: Challenge with the 315 kW inverter

KEB can also count on reliable partners in South East Asia. Meshindo Jayatama supports customers in Indonesia with service issues relating to frequency inverters. “We really appreciate the service and coordination team for their quick responses and helpfulness when we have queries about repairs. As an authorised partner of KEB, the warranty period for spare parts is also an advantage for us,” says Amirrudin Hadi, Head of the Service Department at Meshindo, when describing the collaboration.

The company's orders primarily include requests from plant and machine manufacturers for the COMBIVERT F5 inverter series. However, Meshindo also regularly receives orders that are anything but ordinary. “The most interesting service repair we carried out was a repair for a 315 kW KEB W housing in one of the largest pipework factories in Indonesia. And what made it even more challenging was the fact that we had to carry out the repair on site,” says Hadi.

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