This storage and retrieval machine goes through the roof

Update on the construction of the high-bay warehouse at the Barntrup headquarters

A sure instinct was required for this work: in an operation lasting several days, a total of three storage and retrieval machines were manoeuvred by crane into the new high-bay warehouse at KEB Automation's headquarters in Barntrup. In the future, the devices will be the connecting element between the racking location and the conveyor technology and thus ensure a smooth, fast and automated supply of the in-house electronics production. 

After, among other things, the façade of the high-bay warehouse was completely closed this summer, the racks could be set up inside the 45x70x25 metres (WxDxH) building. Due to the cantilever concept of the hall, the available storage space can be used very economically. In this context, state-of-the-art storage and retrieval machines (SRM) should also ensure greater efficiency. 
In dense fog, three pallet stacker cranes were brought into the hall by crane through an opening in the roof of the high-bay warehouse. A task that demanded time and concentration from all those involved and also necessitated a partial road closure. The SRMs are of considerable size. This is because they have to be able to operate 13 levels – divided into three height classes – on the double-deep (two pallets in a row) pallet racks. 

KEB technology in the storage and retrieval machines

In the process, they move pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms – and at a high speed, as Phillip Hannesen, Digital Transformation Manager Production at KEB, knows: "The SRMs in KEB's high-bay warehouse perform about 90 double cycles per hour in the pallet area or 220 double cycles per hour in the automated small parts warehouse (ASPW). This enables us to significantly speed up our production logistics." 

The storage and retrieval machines are moved by drive solutions that are produced in-house. Not only the COMBIVERT F6 Drive Controller, but also control technology and geared motors from KEB are used and ensure safe and reliable operation of the systems. The use of the company's own components is obvious, after all KEB has been implementing solutions in the field of intralogistics for around 25 years and guarantees an optimum flow of goods and materials with high-quality products. 

The two SRMs for the ASPW will follow in the first quarter of 2023 and will then transport containers to the 58,000 storage locations spread over 63 levels. In addition to the installation of these two machines, further steps will follow. For example, the completion of the rack construction, the rails and the rack sprinkler system are on the schedule. This will be followed by the commissioning of the SRMs and the installation of the conveyor technology for incoming and outgoing goods and order picking. 

See the "flying in" of the machines in the video

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