This tool helps you select the right gearbox and engine

Find and configure a suitable motor

Different applications require different gears and motors. KEB Automation offers the right “power” for numerous applications. But how do users know which motor is best suited for the specific requirements? Which gearbox is optimally suited for the tasks of the machine or system? The software “KEB-DRIVE” supports with these questions and helps customers finding matching components.

Starting with the power and the maximum speed, the desired gear type and required IP protection class up to specifications for the installation position: When selecting the right gear or the suitable asynchronous or synchronous motor for a specific application, many factors have to be considered. Finding exactly the appropriate components for one's own machine or system under these conditions can be challenging. The software “KEB-DRIVE” offers assistance in the search and configuration. 

This is a tool specially developed by KEB, with which one can choose from an extensive programme and various drives can be adapted to the application with different options. Daniel Lehmann, Product Manager Motors at KEB: “Once the customer has identified the relevant requirements, these can then be entered into KEB-DRIVE. If, for example, a PTC thermistor is required for the application, this can also be selected accordingly in the tool. With little effort, the optimally matching gears and motors from KEB are displayed shortly after.”  

Directly generate 3D models  

If any uncertainties arise during configuration, users have the option of calling up documentation with further information at any time. Once all the necessary parameters have been entered in the software, users receive a clear description of the proposed drive with all the relevant figures, data and facts directly afterwards. For example, the gear value, the exact transmission ratio, output number, information on lubricants and the colour scheme as well as many other aspects can be recorded at a glance. “A special feature of KEB-DRIVE is that dimensional drawings of the configured gearbox or motor can be easily created in the software. The 3D step models give the designer a reliable impression of how the components can be installed in the individual application,” adds Lehmann.  

Matched to frequency inverters 

As a system provider, KEB not only supplies gears and motors that are manufactured at the Schneeberg factory, but also provides the matching frequency inverters. In this way, customers receive the complete drive train optimally coordinated and from a single source. The KEB-DRIVE tool already takes this step into account and can, if necessary, provide an advice as to which drive controller could be the best match for the desired motor. Test KEB-DRIVE right here

Learn more about KEB-DRIVE in the #TechTuesday-Webseminar [Language: German] 

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