COMBIPERM P2 – the optimised brake for the servo motor

Powerful permanent magnet brake introduced by KEB Automation

With the new COMBIPERM P2 KEB Automation has expanded its product portfolio. The P2 is an innovative permanent magnet brake that has been optimised for use in servo motors. It achieves a significantly higher torque - and that with a more compact installation space.

Brakes in servo motors must work precisely under specific ambient conditions. With this in mind, KEB has developed the COMBIPERM P2 as the successor model to the long-established COMBIPERM P1. “The P2 was built for the requirements of servo motors. It needs less power, which means that the motor does not heat up additionally. Furthermore, the brake convinces with an optimised magnetic flow,” says Hendrik Wieneke, Head of Sales Brakes and Clutches at KEB.


The improved magnetic flow in the newly developed permanent magnet brake has positive effects on the torque. In addition, less permanent magnet material is also required. The innovations in the P2 also include a felt ring, which is now integrated as standard. Due to the position of the brake on the motor bearing, this serves, among other things, to catch the oil mist that is produced. More emergency stops and a larger wear reserve are further advantages that distinguish the new brake development from the predecessor model. Designed for voltages of 24 V and with a torque range of 1 to 60 Nm, the P2 presents itself as particularly powerful.

“Thanks to its precision and its resistance to high temperatures in the motor compartment, the COMBIPERM P2 is suitable for numerous areas of application. Servo motors, robotics, medical technology or logistics are some examples where our brake solution is in demand,” says Wieneke. The new COMBIPERM P2 permanent magnet brake is already in use at various customers and is undergoing further tests. The market launch is planned for the middle / end of 2023.

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