COMBISTOP S1: Safety brake with new friction system

Patented solution for servo, intralogistics and co.

More torque, more emergency stops, more safety: KEB Automation is expanding its product portfolio with the new COMBISTOP S1 spring-applied brake. The holding brake has a new, patented friction system. The advantage: A significantly higher braking torque, which corresponds to the level of permanent magnet brakes. Whilst delivering higher performance, the S1 also requires less installation space. This makes the high-performance brake the first choice for several applications.

In order to reliably hold loads at standstill, high-quality holding brakes are required that ensure maximum safety during operation with emergency stop functions. With this in mind, KEB has developed the COMBISTOP S1. The strengths of the innovative spring-applied brake are especially evident in servo applications, as the increased safety requirements here are ideally covered by the new brake. “The COMBISTOP S1 is not only particularly temperature-resistant, but also offers high emergency stop friction energy and a stable torque in the range from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius. It therefore has properties that are advantageous in numerous applications,” says Matthias Kreinjobst, Head of the Business Unit Brakes and Clutches at KEB.

Brake with innovation seal

KEB has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (english: Certification Centre for Research Grants) for the development of the COMBISTOP S1 spring-applied brake, which is stable in terms of temperature and friction coefficient. The certificate demonstrates the innovative expertise of companies. The seal was also awarded for the development of the powerful COMPIPERM P2 permanent magnet brake with optimised magnetic flux and compact dimensions.

In addition to servo motors, the COMBISTOP S1 is also used in medical technology, robotics and automation, industrial trucks and AGVs, electromobility and intralogistics. “The brake comes with a standard voltage of 24 V, but customised voltages are also possible. A felt ring can also be integrated if required. This flexibility allows us to fulfil the individual requirements of machine and plant manufacturers,” says Kreinjobst. Customised solutions are also possible with regard to connector assemblies.  

The assembly of the S1 also saves resources and costs: As the series, which comprises a total of nine sizes, is designed as a plug & play system, the spring-applied brake can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, the pre-set air gap enables direct installation. The holding brake can then be constantly loaded, as it is designed for continuous operation (rated operating mode S1).


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