DL4 servomotors now with functional safety

Introduction of four encoders with safety functionality

In plant and machine manufacturing, the motto is: safety first. In order to fulfil this requirement, Brusatori Electric Motors (part of the KEB Group) is introducing a mechanical mounting system for safe encoders in the DL4 motor series that meets the requirements with safety functionalities and can assume Functional Safety functions together with the approved drive system. The possible functionalities then depend on the encoder type used.

What is functional safety based on? "Essentially, this can be answered by looking at three basic aspects: the degree of reliability in relation to the product design, limitations in the architecture of the object that affect its safety level and the probability of dangerous and accidental failures," says Luca Banfi, Head of Sales at Brusatori.

Functional Safety plays a crucial role in the KEB portfolio. Therefore Brusatori Electric Motors has now also developed the powerful DL4 series with safe encoders as part of its wide range of motors for Functional Safety. The DL4 motors are servomotors that are designed for very high torque requirements and are characterised by their compactness and high rated torques. "One advantage is that the DL4 motors can be customised to the customer's individual requirements thanks to different shaft designs and various types of feedback," says Banfi. The DL4 motors are available with a torque of 5 Nm to 530 Nm and are developed, assembled and tested in Italy.

Good to know: Safety integrity level (SIL)

Failures in control systems are often associated with risks. For this reason, there are legal requirements, compliance with which can minimise the damaging effects of a system failure. Specifically, several safety integrity levels (SIL) are defined. These specify the degree of reliability that a safety system must achieve in order to minimise the risk of an accident during its use. SIL therefore makes it possible to quantify the degree of reliability achieved by each object that performs a safety-relevant function. The higher the reliability, the greater the ability to fulfil safety-critical functions or the availability of machines or systems.

Four encoders with safety functionality are planned for the introduction of the functional safety features, to which a new resolver will be added. In addition, the nameplate will be labelled FS (Functional Safety).

  • Encoder Hiperface SRS50S SAFETY
  • Encoder Hiperface SRM50S SAFETY
  • Encoder EnDat22 ECN1325 SAFETY
  • Encoder EnDat22 EQN1337 SAFETY
  • Resolver SAFETY

The introduction of this design within the established product range enables the KEB Group to expand the product range with drives and brakes and make an integration with Automation PLCs. The introduction of functional safety for the DL4 motors also means some changes for production at Brusatori. In future, additional procedures will have to be followed during assembly and a double check will have to be carried out during testing.

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