More than a repair: KEB renews warranty

“As good as new” complements service offer with like-new products

If irregularities occur in a component within a machine or system, the KEB Automation-Service provides a solution as quickly as possible. An effective and fast alternative for the replacement of defective products is the "upgrade" of existing products. With the “As good as new”-process, KEB now offers precisely this option.  

Drive controllers from KEB are at the centre of the new service offer. The option “As good as new” follows an interesting approach: Whereas devices that break down during the warranty period were previously repaired and returned, “As good as new” now offers the alternative solution of restoring defective devices to as good as new condition in a special process.

“We check the deviations on the returned product and our experts then replace the corresponding components,” explains Christian Olschewski, Head of Service at KEB. “The unit is also visually restored to a new condition: visible signs of use - with the exception of screw marks on heat sinks - are completely removed.” 

Increased efficiency – sustainable savings

The use of KEB's “as good as new” service offers customers various advantages compared to the classic repair service. The reconditioned product is available to the customer again for use in the machine or system and comes with a new individual warranty period. And from an ecological point of view, “as good as new”-units are also an attractive option. After all, valuable raw materials and emissions can be significantly saved in this way. Thus, the new service offer contributes to more sustainability and the protection of the environment. The booking of an “as good as new”-process is generally possible for all customers.

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