Saving energy costs with new servo technology

Optimized press ensures less rejects

How do state-of-the-art engineering and highly efficient drive technology become an ideal solution for the end user? This is the question Michael Stangier and his company MS-Hydraulik have tackled. He developed an optimized high-end servo press for vehicle construction – and relied on the support of KEB Automation. 

Customers can save up to 70 percent on energy costs with the newly developed servo press. And thanks to a very precise production method, rejects can also be reduced. This is a technology with many advantages that the company wants to establish further in the future, reports Michael Stangier, CEO of MS-Hydraulik. "We want to show what possibilities there are to build more efficient presses," he says.

For this special machine technology, MS-Hydraulik turned to KEB as its partner for servo drives and energy efficiency. During planning, Stangier relied in particular on KEB's Active Infeed Converter solution (AIC, also called Active Front End). This enables both energy consumption from the grid and energy output to the grid. Overall, KEB's portfolio offers scalable solutions for charging and storage technologies from 11 kVA to 1,000 kVA.

Servo Drives for high pressing power

Driving energy efficiency has been a key task for the KEB team led by sales engineer Davide Fusari. Stangier: "KEB has been a loyal and reliable partner in planning the implementation, and I greatly appreciate their ability to work as a team." Davide Fusari adds: "It's always great to see users like Michael Stangier making the most of our products." In total, MS-Hydraulik uses ten COMBIVERT F6 Servo Drives as well as two COMBIVERT S6 Servo Drives and two F5 Active InFeed Converters. All in all in this case there is a press capacity of up to 1,200 tons. The machine is used to produce large individual steel parts for vehicle construction.

"This machine is an absolute premium product – also worldwide – due to its size and performance," explains Fusari. "Our high-end drive technology and the supply and regeneration system, the F5 Active InFeed Converter, are installed there." All engineering is Made in Germany, even though the machine was built in Italy by one of MS-Hydraulik's partners. Building on the cooperation with KEB, the energy-efficient machine could be realized with very fast movement and precise repeatability. Because both companies work well together and open communication leads to good solutions, the customer gets what he wants or even more than he asks for, Stangier explains.

As environmental aspects are also increasingly an important success factor, servo press is also taking this aspect into account. For example, the amount of oil in the machine is reduced and cooling is no longer necessary. In future projects MS-Hydraulik is keen to reconcile technology with the environment, efficiency or production costs. The company sees even greater potential to implement better applications together with KEB in the future.

MS-Hydraulik is a technology developer for servo-hydraulic presses based in Hattingen (Ruhr / North Rhine Westphalia).


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