These faces make wind at KEB

A portrait of the team

In the field of frequency inverters, KEB's orientation rests on three pillars: industrial applications, electromobility and renewable energies with a strong focus on wind energy. The requirements in the latter area range from high robustness and long maintenance intervals to high safety requirements: In the "wind team" at KEB headquarters, which has been expanded to five colleagues, all threads from customer requirements, worldwide sales and support or service come together. The enlarged team shows that KEB will increasingly focus on this future topic and the business area will continue to grow. But who are these five faces?

News article - High performance: The future of wind turbines 

Ludger Brohl

  • Product Manager P6 and Project Manager for the development of the 23P6
  • Design of systems and components for pitch and yaw drives
  • Trainings P6 
  • Since 2007 at KEB in the Renewable Energy Team 

Dirk Ehlert

  • Support for product management
  • Involvement in customer projects
  • New to the team, starting his career: studies for Master of Science (electrical engineering), focus wind

Sebastian Eicke

  • Sales and new customer acquisition
  • System design for customer projects
  • Handling and support of customer projects
  • Since 2012 Renewable Energies Group with focus on wind turbine OEM in Europe and America 
  • With the company since 2001, export until 2012

Frédéric Herrmann

  • Specialised as project manager for drive controller accessories such as mains/motor chokes and filters
  • Sales, new customer acquisition, system design for customer projects
  • Since 2013 in the field of renewable energy sales with a focus on Asia
  • With the company since 1988: customer acquisition in the export sector 
  • Worldwide development of agencies and representatives

Walter Pieper

  • Responsible for the function libraries of the P6 (creation, further development, maintenance)
  • Support in the creation of customer programmes for the P6
  • Contact person for control and automation technology 
  • Technical customer support and P6 training
  • With the company since 1990, since 2009 mainly in the "wind energy/P6" application area for control technology 

The Webcast

Under the title "Ready for high-performance wind power plants" Eicke and his team will show why high power in particular suits KEB products particularly well: Wind turbines must operate safely and stably and meet the highest quality requirements. "We also apply these standards to our pitch and yaw systems, such as the very current 23P6 for high outputs," says Eicke. In this webcast, the team shows which options customers gain with KEB – from frequency converters to brakes.

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Sebastian Eicke

Head of Sales Export Electronics

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