COMBIVERT F6 & S6 Drives: Which device variant for which purpose? (Part 2)

What distinguishes the device variant “COMPACT” of the frequency inverter

In the second part of the series about the COMBIVERT F6 Drive Controllers and COMBIVERT S6 Servo Drives from KEB Automation you will learn everything you need to know about the device variant APPLICATION. In which points does it differ from other versions of the inverters? Among other things, a look at the fieldbus communication options provides the answer.

In the power range from 0.75 kW to 450 kW they control speed, torque and position and give different motor technologies the right "drive" - the all-in-one solutions COMBIVERT F6 Drive Controller and COMBIVERT S6 Servo Drives from KEB. In addition to the COMPACT and PRO versions, with the APPLICATION variant, devices are also available that enable communication via EtherNet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus TCP/IP and PROFInet in addition to EtherCAT fieldbus communication.

In addition, communication in the APPLICATION variant has recently been extended and certified via the safe fieldbus protocol PROFIsafe. "Reduce risks and simplify commissioning - our F6 Drive Controllers and S6 Servo Drives do both. Thanks to the PROFIsafe certification, users can benefit from, among other things, a low wiring effort and thus cost savings," says Tobias Wenneker, Product Manager Drives at KEB. "In applications where a flexible fieldbus connection is desired, the APPLICATION device variant of our drives offers real added value."

Features for functional safety

In this version, the inverters have CAN as well as RS485/232 diagnostics as communication interfaces and are also optimally positioned in terms of functional safety. Features such as Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Brake Control (SBC) are available. In addition, encoder-dependent speed and position-dependent safety functions are available as an option.

The safety profile is implemented via Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) or PROFIsafe, which fulfil the requirements according to SIL 3 and are suitable for centralised as well as decentralised safety concepts. "FSoE or PROFIsafe enable the simple integration of safety functions into the corresponding concept of the machine or plant via fieldbus," says Wenneker.

Independent of the inverter-integrated options, various cooling options ensure high scalability: S6 and F6 are available as air-cooled built-in variants. In addition, the F6 Drive Controller is also available as an air-cooled through-hole variant, a liquid-cooled built-in variant or a liquid-cooled through-hole variant. All in all, there are numerous options for configuring the S6 and F6 inverters in the APPLICATION device variant exactly according to individual requirements. 

Find out in Part 1 of the series which advantages the "COMPACT" variant offers.


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